Rider Plastics will meet with you to discuss your product. At this point, Rider Plastics will make a prototype to give you an idea of what your product will look like. Once the prototype is finalized, Rider Plastics will design the product using AutoCAD software.


In Step Two, Rider Plastics will choose the right material for the mold. The material will depend on the size of the product and how many parts you will need. Common materials include steel and aluminum.


Once the material has been chosen, the design is put into the cutting machine where the mold is cut to resemble the design.


Once the mold is cut, it needs to be polished.

Complete Mold

Rider Plastics takes all the pieces of the mold, puts them together and adds water lines. Water lines are added to cool the mold while in use.

Testing the Mold

Once the plastic has been put into the hopper, the mold is inserted into the machine. A few parts are made to test the mold and the entire installation. If everything is okay, the machine is ready to make the parts.


Production times can vary depending on the size of the part and the size of the order.

Final Part

Once the parts are complete they are then inspected, packaged and shipped.